Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hurry! $1 CU for just today...

i just put up my Garden Variety, Volume 1 at Gotta Pixel & i put it in the $1 Pixels, but that is only for today. you'll really want these, whether for personal use or commercial use ~ they're beautiful!!


  1. Beautiful Lara, those must have taken a lot of work to get extracted like that! Are they from a redbud tree? If so, yours are ahead of ours, cause ours has buds, but they aren't open yet, but then you further south than we are, so I guess thats natural. LOL

  2. ummm yah ~ redbud tree lol! i'm horrible with trees, but i just loved how these looked, so i had to pick some ~ got them about a week ago. and yessssss they took FOREVER! my shoulder was sore for the past couple days ~ but i love how they turned out. thanks,Deb :)))